Everyone welcome back to the kitchen today. I’m going to share with you how to get perfectly cooked bacon every single time Let’s go, see how this all comes together Not long ago I had someone asked me I believe it was when I made the or the deluxe pimento grilled Pimento cheese sandwiches and we put bacon and tomato on those and someone happened to ask me how I get Perfectly cooked slices of bacon because hers don’t come out like that when she fries them in the skillet Well, I’m gonna show you today my secret for cooking perfect bacon every time and it doesn’t involve a skillet and it does not involve you standing over your stove cooking four slices of bacon at a time until they’re perfectly crispy and then some of them getting burnt because you had to turn your back and do something else this way your bacon comes out perfect every Single time and that is – bacon in the oven when I worked in hotel kitchens for many years This is how they cook bacon for breakfast buffets and large event and it’s the only way they do it because they can cook several pounds of bacon all at one time and they can even do It in advance and they can put it in the buffet tray and it will warm up and it will be perfectly delicious So what you want to do is make sure first off that you have good-quality bacon. I get a local brand here in North Carolina It’s called Nice’s. It’s the only brand of bacon.

I will purchase it’s delicious It’s local and if you have a local provider You should definitely try and find the best local bacon that you can it’s absolutely worth it the second Secret besides a good baking sheet is nonstick aluminum foil Now y’all have heard me say don’t like to use aluminum foil that much and that’s the truth and I don’t like to use it For long slow cooking processes in the oven where acidic foods are being cooked bacon However is one exception I never put bacon in the broiler without first putting aluminum foil down now this unquestionably work with ordinary aluminum foil and I’ve done it that way ordinarily yet the nonstick aluminum foil Really truly takes care of business it causes your bacon nut to adhere and cook to the foil and it encourages the foil not to remove and the bacon just skims directly from it and as it shrivels while it cooks it just it just remains not too far off and it makes Perfect cuts of fresh bacon each and every time so I have two half sheet dish here that I have fixed With only one sheet of the nonstick aluminum foil and that’s all you need now this is not to Prevent you from having to wash the pan because you’re going to have to wash the pan The other thing this does too is if you are a saver of bacon or bacon Nectar as we like to call it in our house The the bacon nectar just really pours right off into your jar.

Nothing is left behind. It’s very nice so when you go to clean up this piece of foil I like to just wipe it down with a paper towel Then crumble it up and throw it away and then you can just wash it very quickly with hot soapy water This is really simple. Like I said, I learned this a long time ago The one thing I will say is when you get these slices You’re gonna want to flip them so you can put one down this way and then you’re gonna put one down that way so kind of Turn them, so they’re opposite sometimes the bacon is very uneven this particular package of bacon is nice and even you just want to do this and Typically, I will get 16 slices of bacon out of one of these pounds of bacon So approximately eight slices per tray. I have my oven preheated to 350 degrees and I’m gonna put both of these sheet pans in the oven at the same time on different racks one’s gonna go on the bottom all the way to the left one’s gonna go on the top all the way to the right and That way there will be a better air circulation.

There will be more even cooking you’re gonna cook these for 20 minutes halfway through You’re gonna go to your oven and you’re gonna put the top tray on the bottom rack and the bottom tray on the top rack And this is also going to help ensure even cooking So I’m gonna go ahead and put these trays of bacon in my oven I’ll bring you back and I’ll show you what they look like there. You have it our bacon cooked for 10 minutes and then I Flipped the pans put the bottom on the top and the top on the bottom and then let it cook for another 10 minutes When you can start to smell the bacon you should check the bacon and make sure that your oven is cooking it properly because it may take an extra 10 minutes it may Take an extra five or six minutes.

It may take an extra 15 minutes It just depends on your bacon. If you’re using thick sliced bacon, it may take a little bit longer So you have to be the expert judge of your own bacon so that it comes out cooked to your preference Now you can see that my bacon slices are even they’re almost all identical they are nice and curly in some spots and They’re perfectly crispy they’re beautiful and They’re ready for your breakfast. They’re ready to go into a sandwich They’re ready to go into your dinner or whatever else you do with that I like to cook bacon off like this a couple of pounds at a time and then once it’s all together cooled you can lay It down on paper towel roll it up and put it in a plastic bag at that point You can put it in the freezer or in the refrigerator And if you put it in the fridge,

it’s gonna keep for up to a week if you put it in the freezer It’s gonna last up to two months and then you can just pull out slices as you need them That way you always have cooked bacon available to you So pre cook it yourself Buy your bacon when it’s on sale do it in bulk and you’re always gonna be happy and you’re always gonna have bacon so that is how I cook perfect bacon every Time using methods that I used working in a hotel kitchen and I know they’re gonna help you too I hope that you give it a try the next time you’re gonna cook some bacon and I hope that you love it I hope that you enjoyed this video and I hope you learned something and if you did, please hit that thumbs up button And if you’re new to my kitchen welcome, it’s always a pleasure to have new friends.

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